NSW Government Offers Relief for Property Managers in COVID-19 Lockdown

You may have missed it, but the NSW government is stepping up to help property managers with financial losses incurred from the latest COVID-19 lockdown travel restrictions. They recently announced an accommodation support grant for short term property providers (including managers), struggling because of the recent Delta-variant breakout. This relief will allow the recovery of some losses during this difficult time.

There are two different grant amounts available: $2,000 for cancellations of ten nights or less, and $5,000 for cancellations of eleven nights or more, and even better, you can submit an application for each of your NSW accommodation properties if you have more than one.

To be eligible for the award, you must:

  • be an eligible business as defined by the ANZSIC codes in theĀ guidelines
  • have accommodation premises physically located in NSW
  • have an active ABN held before 25 June 2021, which is registered for GST
  • be able to show evidence of cancellations between Friday 25 June 2021 and Sunday 11 July 2021.

There are some other eligibility requirements, a full list of which can be found on the NSW government website.

While a fairly straightforward process, Felix is proudly helping many of its valued clients get these applications submitted and approved. Given the year (and more!) we’ve just had, this grant should come as welcome relief for many of our partners.

We’re happy to help where we can and looking forward to a strong recovery summer ahead.

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