Be a Local Expert (and upsell!) with Felix Guest Portal Guidebooks

Working with local businesses will allow you to provide exclusive, hidden gem dining and activity experiences and offers. Authenticity and local experiences are what people are seeking these days when they travel, so being considered a property manager ‘local expert’ is such an important step to making your guests’ visit complete. And with Felix’s guest portal guidebooks, it’s not only easy to store all of your local tips, offers and hidden gems in the one, accessible place, but you can easily commercialise and upsell these experiences automatically to your guests. It’s win-win.

It’s no secret that people are seeking out authenticity these days when they travel. They want to feel like they’re local, experience hidden gems and explore authentic local experiences. And with Felix, you can easily help them do this. Working with local businesses who offer unique dining and activity opportunities- and want to work with you – is key. Once you’ve established those relationships, our guest portal guidebooks are an important tool for converting them into realised business. With Felix’s guest portal guidebooks, it’s not only easy to store all of your local tips in one accessible place but you can easily upsell these exclusive offers to your guests with just a few clicks!

You know the drill – you’re on holiday or traveling for work, and you want to know the best places to eat in town. If you’re staying in a hotel, maybe you’ll check some reviews online or maybe you’ll want to check with your concierge for their recommendations. But what if they don’t have any great suggestions? And even worse – what if they try and upsell you on some overpriced, tourist trap restaurant that’s not what you’re looking for? Even more relevant – if you’re staying in a short-term property, you don’t have the luxury of talking to frontline staff when you want to get recommendations, so who do you turn to for this advice?

Well with Felix’s guest portal guidebooks, you can be your guest’s virtual local expert!

Trust is so important. Working with the local businesses that you know from direct experience are good and are also keen to work with you is your first step. Work together to come up with deals that are exclusive and unique to your business. Then stick all that information up on your guidebooks: you’ve done all the legwork, you’ve shown you’re the area expert, so just store it all in one place and automate the upsell!

Felix’s guest portal backend makes it easy to upload any deal or local tip. It then sits in the guest area, for your customers to access whenever they want. You can set automatic reminders prior to and during your guest’s stay, to check out the offers and options available.

It’s win-win: you provide convenient, invaluable information to the guest and they enjoy a great local experience. You support your local partners, they get more business, you get more incremental income.

If you want more information about how our guidebooks work and what they can do for our property manager clients, just get in touch with the Felix team. We’re always keen to talk.

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