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You probably already know about Google Flights and Google Hotels – Google’s meta-search engine that presents users with instant, bookable rates for travel bookings. Well did you also know they now offer the same service for holiday rentals? Some property managers report getting more than 10% of their bookings from Google’s Holiday Rentals meta-search, so it’s vital you get on board with it too.

Felix is now an official Google partner, and we can distribute your direct rates and inventory to the global search platform. Why is this awesome? You’ll get a direct connection to Google with the best rate coverage and real time prices, while displaying your direct rates and availability on Google Search and Maps.

So how does it work? 

With all of your property information in Felix, Google will create a vacation rental listing from the pictures, prices and availability and descriptions, with a direct booking link to your Felix booking page. Google will display your property, live prices and availability if they meet the guests search criteria, and then the guest can then book directly on the booking page.

What’s even better is that Google will also display your logo and brand name in the search, and – wait for it – bookings are commission free. 

Google only displays holiday rental listings from a select group of OTAs and a handful of Channel Managers – including us – so this really is a distinct advantage to give our property managers the opportunity to reach the many customers using Google to find and book accommodation every day. Users simply apply the Holiday Rentals filter on their search, visit the Holiday Rentals tab, or search for holiday rentals directly in Google to access the platform.

Similar to other rental sites, users can filter for specific amenities, higher occupany, and multiple rooms. Additionally, Google doesn’t display the exact property address in order to protect the privacy of the owner/property manager. Instead, travelers can only see an estimated location of the property. 

Travelers can compare accommodation types by browsing hotels and holiday rentals together, and explore holiday rental properties with specific attributes, reviews, and proximity to points of interest.

At the end of the day, being on Google, commission-free, is a no-brainer for any property manager. With Felix’s direct integration, it’s easily done. Want to know more? Get in touch with us about how Felix can get your property portfolio onto Google Holiday Rentals today.


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