YesBookit will soon be no more. Now’s the perfect time to come over to Felix.

“It’s too much stress, I’ll do it later.”

Currently a YesBookit customer and putting off switching PMS providers because the thought of all the work that comes with that is a laborious task? Like it or not, the YesBookit brand will be gone soon – December will be here sooner than you think. The good news is that we created Felix to take all that stress away from you.

“I don’t believe it.”

“You can have all our properties on your platform in less than two weeks?!”

“That’s the cost? That’s really good.”

These are real quotes from current customers who were skeptical about what Felix is all about: giving you back control of your short-term property management business. 

They’re true believers now.

Co-founders Dave and Lachlan created Felix because they saw the need for a solution that was smart, cost-effective and had ongoing Australian-based support to help property managers better manage their portfolio so they can focus on growing their businesses rather than being stuck in the depths of managing the day-to-day.

Dave had been a property manager for over ten years. When his previous PMS provider left the market, he was left searching for one that would suit his needs – one that would automate those time-consuming tasks: content & listing management, dynamic pricing, cleaning systems, guest communication and trust accounting . When he struggled to find the perfect solution, he decided to come up with his own. Enter Lachlan.

Lachlan was working for that provider that left the market. David was his client. Having nothing to do with the company’s decision to leave Australia and feeling bad for his clients being left in the dark, Lachlan and Dave started talking about this potential new platform. Solving the software management problem from two differing perspectives led Felix to become what it is today: Australia’s first truly integrated software ecosystem, designed to automate short-term rental property managers businesses.

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So with that short history behind us, back to our original point here – why Felix should be your PMS of choice when leaving YesBookit. To put it simply in just a few bullet points:

  • Automated payments (set and forget, no manual payments required)
  • Inbuilt direct channel manager (no 3rd party channel manager required)
  • Your entire portfolio uploaded and ready to roll in less than two weeks from the time you say ‘Yes! Felix it!’
  • Australian company, owned and operated with local, always-on, Australian-based support

Our software also provides automated trust accounting, automated dynamic pricing, automated cleaning task management and automated guest communication/upsell management.

Don’t believe us still? This is direct from our friends at Coffs Coast Accommodation when we asked them straight up what makes Felix better than YesBookit:

“The Felix system is much easier to use than YesBookit and the support is exceptional. YesBookit relied on Rentals United. There was nothing simple about using them. I felt as though I was always filing tickets with Rentals United and it took days to resolve issues. They also had a bad habit of pinning the blame on each other’s systems instead of getting to the bottom of the problem.  Felix is next level. You guys ROCK!”

Give us a call or send us an email and we can set up a demonstration to show you why Felix is Australia’s best property management software. Bar none.

Felix is Australia’s first truly integrated software ecosystem for managing your short term rentals.

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