Felix Automation Spotlight: PMS & Content Mananger

Managing short term rentals has its rewards, but as property managers know, it can be time consuming. Even more so if you are doing it manually. If your short term rental business is looking for a fully integrated software ecosystem that caters to all of your short term rental needs, including a PMS & Content Manager, look no further than Australia’s first truly integrated short term rental automation software: Felix.

Felix is the world’s most automated property management system, with intelligent two-way connectivity between thousands of integrations and applications. Powerful auto-actions allow you to automate your short term rental management daily tasks and focus on the important parts of your short term rental business. Read below about how our PMS & Content Manager can change the way you manage your business.

As we continue our journey towards becoming Australia’s premier short term holiday rental software for property managers, here are some reasons why Felix is a necessary tool in any short term rental manager’s arsenal:

Smart Content & Listing Management

All your properties content can now be managed from one central location. Property data is pushed out to all connected booking channels with ease, and edits can be done quickly and without the need for constant back and forth between each channel.

Automatic Deposits & Payments

No more manually chasing payments: Felix allows you to automate the entire short term holiday rental payment process. Set up auto-actions for when deposits are taken, final payments are charged and prompts to guests who have failed to pay. Payment errors are also captured in the audit trail.

Booking Channel Connectivity

Felix provides direct connections to the largest selection of short term holiday rental marketplaces globally.

Get More Direct Bookings

Felix can intelligently connect to your own channels, feeding live rates and property content to your short term holiday rental website. Simply: more bookings and increased revenue.

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Create your own rental reports based on your business needs. Customise your short term holiday rental dashboard to display the information that’s important to you and relevant to how you run your business.

Automatic Rate Updates

Property rates change automatically without manual intervention through our rates partner Pricelabs.

Intelligent Integrations

Felix’s smart integration partners make everything work better. Dynamic, automated rate strategies. Cleaning and maintenance assignments. Guest communication. Trust accounting. It’s all part of the ecosystem that gives you back your balance.

Stay in Balance

Felix has you covered. With Felix and its integration partners doing the work for you, you now have your time back to focus on what matters most: growing your business and finding balance.

Book a demo with us today to so we can show  you how Felix is the short term property management solution you’ve been looking for.