Felix Automation Spotlight: Housekeeping & Maintenance

Felix Automation Spotlight:

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Get Organised

The Master Calendar organizes your tasks, employees, issues and property workflow so you have a central source of truth.

Schedule Effectively

Tasks are auto-generated, and assigned. Finalize schedules easily using the drag and drop calendar.

Consolidate Issues

Issues are stored in one location. Track maintenance, damage, lost and found, supplies so nothing slips through the cracks.

Housekeeping and maintenance task automation is often overlooked by short term rental managers. However, both functions are critical to the success of short term rental businesses. The time that you spend optimising these areas will save you hours of work later on.


When guests arrive at their short term rentals, naturally they’ll expect it to be clean, organized and in good condition. Automating the coordination of cleaning staff and short term rental maintenance is an easy task with Felix and Operto Teams.

Operto Teams gives clear visibility of the status of all properties and rooms, so short term rental managers can see exactly what needs to be done, which properties are scheduled for cleaning and by whom, the status of corresponding tasks and their progress. This ensures that short term rental managers know the status of all their properties at anytime.

Operto Teams performs a variety of maintenance functions, including reporting, tracking, and managing problems so that they may be addressed promptly. Operto Teams’ short-term rental maintenance portal enables property managers to see the status of each property, with comprehensive information about which are currently in need of attention.

Operto Teams offers short-term property managers a simple solution that allows them to effectively schedule cleaning staff by combining the power of traditional spreadsheets with advanced automation technology. The Master Calendar is a central source of truth that organises your tasks, personnel, issues, and property data in one place. Assignments are created automatically, and tasks are assigned. The calendar may be easily modified using drag and drop. The ability to access documents and calendars from anywhere on any device is one of the most important advantages. Your cleaning process will be more efficient because your team can get information instantly, regardless of where they are or which mobile platform they use. Office staff can track progress as it happens and you can modify rules to create automatic tasks for each of the services you provide.

Operto Teams also provides your owners with their own login and the ability to add personal bookings. Owners may add personal and friends & family visits, providing you with notice to ensure that the property is clean and ready when they arrive. Owners may access cleaning and inspection records, as well as open maintenance problems, through a personal dashboard.

Most importantly, Operto Teams integrates seamlessly with Felix short term rental automation software. When a booking is secured, Felix automatically sends the information into Operto Teams to create an assignment and let the cleaning staff know who is coming and when, so that short term rental property managers can be sure properties are clean and ready for the guest. When owners make personal bookings, this information is sent through to Felix, blocking out availability on all OTA booking channels. Upsells, early check-ins, late check-outs: they’re all sent to Operto Teams and the appropriate staff automatically so nothing gets missed.

Operto Teams ensures that all background activities run seamlessly, allowing property managers to focus on what matters most: great stays and experiences for their guests. To see how Felix and Operto Teams can help you give you back balance in your business, contact us today and make housekeeping and maintenance problems history.

Maximise Automation

Customize rules to auto-generate tasks for the services your provide.