Felix Automation Spotlight: Guest Communication & Upsells

Duve is Felix’s guest communication integration. It manages guest communication, check-in/out options, property and destination information, security processes and upsells into one solution. Duve has been designed from the ground up to be fully

customisable and adaptable to any portfolio size. Whether you have one property or a thousand, Duve can meet your needs with ease. So guest communication & upsells are a breeze.

All property managers know how vital a seamless guest experience is. It can often be the difference between a one-off stay and the much-valued ‘repeat customer’. From the moment your guest books, Duve gets to work. Property information is sent directly to the guest, security deposits and ID checks are processed and as their check-in date approaches, intelligent upsells are pushed to guests for them to book directly and pay online. From early/late check in/out options, to pet fees, to extras like portacots and highchairs, Duve seamlessly pushes these options back out again as guests confirm their preferences through the platform.

In the backend, Duve is automating your internal processes. Online check-in information is automatically sent to guests for those that have provided their security information, automated canned responses will prompt guests who have failed to provide required information, and intelligent alerts prompt you to follow up on those guests who still have info to provide: no more last second scrambling.

Duve’s unified inbox will consolidate guest communication for you – speak to your guests prior, during and after their stay directly from within the platform. As they approach their check-out day, Duve prompts guests to review their stay on the Duve portal, and if favourable, sends them an additional note to suggest writing an external review.

Duve’s guidebooks will position you as the destination expert, and you can use these guidebooks to make guest communication personalised. Through the platform, you can write guest-specific notes and suggestions for your guest’s stay – local restaurants or activities they might enjoy. You can even commercialise partnerships with local operators and guest-specific discounts can be sent automatically.

Most importantly, Duve seamlessly integrates with Felix’s short term rental automation software and ecosystem. All booking information from Felix is pushed directly into Duve. Upsells are sent directly back into the Felix PMS which if connected, are sent directly into OTA Plus (Felix’s trust accounting integration). Once the automations are set up, your daily tasks are minimal. Check-in/out information is sent directly to VRScheduler (Felix’s cleaning and maintenance integration), so no need to keep a close eye on guest arrivals and departures: Felix will let your staff know automatically what needs to be done and when. Guests actions are updated in real-time through the platform, meaning peace of mind with every guest interaction.

Duve represents the best of all worlds: simple, personalised guest communication; security processes automated; property information centralised; upsells seamlessly integrated – and it all happens behind the scenes with very little need for manual intervention. To find out how Felix short term rental automation software can help your business, get in touch with us today.