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Software Ecosystem

At the heart of Felix is our powerful software ecosystem. We have integrated the short-term rental industry's most powerful platforms together into a single system to provide automation and flexibility like no other system on the market. The integrated approach provides a more comprehensive coverage of your business in comparison with all-in-one solutions. And the dedicated development teams allows for the platform to expand rapidly to keep up with our quickly changing market.

Rapid Deployment

Switching platforms can be a long and stressful process. We take a different approach to onboarding, and instead our team of experts configure your new system for you, whilst you focus on running your business. This approach allows us to greatly reduce the onboarding time for clients, and allows you to take advantage of the benefits of our system from day one, without the unneeded stress.

Support & Training

Our team consists of experienced property managers so we understand what you need to know. We see support & training as an ongoing process, we love working with our partners to continually help optimise and improve their businesses. In a technology driven industry it's essential to continue to innovate as technology moves fast.

Creative Solutions

Our experience working with hundreds of property managers has allowed us to see many mistakes that are preventing them from scaling and being profitable. We have designed solutions and services to offset many of the challenges property managers face. We help buffer your business and set you on the right path to succeed.

Websites & Booking Engines

We have multiple website options including booking engines, wordpress plugins, and a custom integrated website development platform. Whatever your website needs are our platform has the flexibility to provide it.

2000+ Integration options

Looking to integrate your business even further? We're integrated with over 2000+ applications allowing you to customize your system however you imagine.

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