NSW Government Offers Relief for Property Managers in COVID-19 Lockdown

You may have missed it, but the NSW government is stepping up to help property managers with financial losses incurred from the latest COVID-19 lockdown travel restrictions. They recently announced an accommodation support grant for short term property providers (including … Read More

Be a Local Expert (and upsell!) with Felix Guest Portal Guidebooks

Working with local businesses will allow you to provide exclusive, hidden gem dining and activity experiences and offers. Authenticity and local experiences are what people are seeking these days when they travel, so being considered a property manager ‘local expert’ is such an important step to making your guests’ visit complete. And with Felix’s guest portal guidebooks, it’s not only easy to store all of your local tips, offers and hidden gems in the one, accessible place, but you can easily commercialise and upsell these experiences automatically to your guests. It’s win-win. … Read More

How to Get More Positive Reviews by Managing Your Guests’ Happiness

How do you keep your guests happy? The answer is simple, but it’s not always easy. One way to ensure every guest has a great time while staying at your property is by providing them with the best customer service possible and maxing out those positive reviews and repeat business! If you’re looking for ways to improve customer service and make sure your guests are satisfied, then this blog post will provide some helpful tips! … Read More

‘The Pacing Factor’: when times are tough, remembering to keep your eyes on the big picture is key

In a wave of ongoing cancellations, refund discussions and lockdowns, one can easily be forgiven for feeling helpless and nervous about the future of their short-term property rental business. But the truth is, our industry is one with a long … Read More

Grow your sales with Google Holiday Rentals & Felix

You probably already know about Google Flights and Google Hotels – Google’s meta-search engine that presents users with instant, bookable rates for travel bookings. Well did you also know they now offer the same service for holiday rentals? Some property managers report getting more than 10% of their bookings from Google’s Holiday Rentals meta-search, so it’s vital you get on board with it too. … Read More

YesBookit will soon be no more. Now’s the perfect time to come over to Felix.

Currently a YesBookit customer and putting off switching PMS providers because the thought of all the work that comes with that is a laborious task? We created Felix to take all that stress away from you. … Read More

The golden rule: get in front of your reviews

It seems obvious, but it can’t be overstated: bad reviews are bad for business. One terrible review from a disgruntled guest can wipe away a history of good ones in an instant. Getting in front of these before they occur is vital. … Read More

Corona cancellations: How should I handle cancellation and amendment requests?

COVID-19 is going to be a presence in our world for some time. How do we continue to effectively manage our holiday rentals in the face of ever-changing rules and policies when it comes to border closures and restrictions? … Read More

NSW short-term rental accommodation regulatory framework reform: what you need to know

The NSW Government has implemented a new statewide regulatory framework for short-term rental accommodation (STRA), which includes a new planning framework, fire safety standards for STRA dwellings and a new Government-run STRA Register. … Read More